• "It was great didn’t feel any pain dr Sam was was very nice."
    Alexis Lazono - February 2024
  • "I went to peak to take a Ct scan and talk about some implants that I need. I met Dr. Yara and she explained everything really well, letting me know everything that will be needed and the whole process without sugar-coding anything. I hate the dentist but I feel super comfortable with having her do my implants. Can’t wait to start !"
    Marcus Flores - January 2024
  • "The staff is very nice. I highly recommend this Dental office. Victor did a great job with my cleaning treatment."
    Slyvia Luna - February 2024
  • "Dr. Yarra and staff did an amazing job with my mouth."
    Cynthia Sandoval - April 2024
  • "I have always been so nervous about the dentist, i love this place! Dr. Lou was amazing! He’s probably going to eat this comment up but he’s so confident in what he does and quick! He was AMAZING! Jessica was the assistant and made me feel like my bestie was there. She was also amazing and they made a great team. Front desk was super friendly and I can’t wait to come
    Back. Highly recommend"
    Nataly Cardenas - 2024
  • "I highly recommend this office . I went today for a surgery. I have to admit I was very nervous but Dr. Lu explained the whole procedure, he took his time to answer all my concerns about the procedure and made me feel secure. I definitely give 5 stars! Thank you Dr. Lu"
    Ana Sanches - December 2023
  • "I went to peak to take a Ct scan and talk about some implants that I need. I met Dr Yara and she explained everything really good, letting me know everything that will be needed and the whole process with out sugar coding anything . I hate the dentist but I feel super comfortable with having her do my implants. Can’t wait to start !"
    Marcus Flores - December 2023
  • "This dental office has some of the kindest and most efficient staff! I came here for a tooth extraction that I was not excited about but the staff made me feel at ease and really did the utmost to make sure I was informed and felt comfortable every step of the way."
    Willow Harper - November 2023
  • "I highly recommend this office . I went today for a surgery. I have to admit I was very nervous but Dr. Lu explained the whole procedure, he took his time to answer all my concerns about the procedure and made me feel secure. I definitely give 5 stars! Thank you Dr. Lu"
    Ana Sanchez - November 2023
  • "Who would’ve known getting your wisdom teeth out can be so seamless! I was referred by my dentist and the consult process with Dr. Yara was so smooth and I felt so safe and calm going into my surgery with Dr. Liu. The facilities were impeccable and the technology amazing.
    I can’t even give Dr. Liu justice with my review. I have never met a more competent surgeon. The recovery was so easy and exactly how they described. I felt so prepared and cared for before during and after!
    If you are looking for the A list team of doctors and staff of dental specialists, look no further!!
    Thank you peak dental!!"
    Salina Saleem Alkatime - November 2023
  • "I came to Peak dental for my wisdom teeth extractions. The process was so smooth & easy! The staff was so friendly & welcoming. I want to thank Dr. Yara, Sydney at the front desk & Roxi the dental assistant. thank you for a great experience!!!"
    Alex Hernandez - July 2023
  • "These dental specialist are amazing! Attentive to customers! Amazing customer service! Amazing energy! Thank you so much!"
    Denise M - July 2023
  • "Just had two wisdom teeth extracted today. From consult to procedure, everyone was so nice and informative! Dr. Joseph and his team explained the procedure and made sure that I was comfortable throughout my time with them. Highly recommend!"
    Connie Chan - April 2023
  • "I had a really amazing visit. I was scheduled to have periodontal surgery with Dr. Hosn and I was very nervous. After speaking with the front office manager, Viria about the process she calmed my nerves and the surgery went great. I definitely recommend for anyone needing periodontal surgery."
    Zach Mottler - January 2023
  • "Very great experience! Rosie was very helpful and Dr. Liu was super chill. My wisdom teeth procedure was completed in less than 40 mins."
    Rosy Lin - January 2023
  • "Everyone is professional and explains everything tome. Willing to work children."
    Edward Paul - January 2023
  • "Always feel welcomed when I come I will be bringing my daughter for her future appointments as well"
    JAKESTEED - January 2023
  • "This place treated me amazingly. 100% would recommend. They talk you through every step. Amazing experience even when going in extremely anxious. This is after I was done"
    Jasmin Lopez - January 2023
  • "Very friendly great personal 👍"
    Mariana Arenas - January 2023
  • "this is one of the best dental facilities i have ever been to! they are so lovely and caring and make me feel safe even with my fear of surgery"
    devin - January 2023
  • "Great service, the staff was respectful and friendly. They do an awesome job of responding back quickly. Overall a great environment."
    Anahí Arellano - January 2023
  • "Amazing doctor! Amazing staff! Amazing experience! Everyone took great care of me! Highly recommend if you want to get your smile looking right!"
    Adrian Siedlecki - January 2023
  • "5 stars from making the appointment to treatment. I’ve had good dentists and poor ones. I am happy to say Dr. Miriam is excellent. She is confident, smart, and great at what she does. Everyone in the office is kind and works really hard to make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of your appointment. My visit went incredibly well. Thank you to everyone at Peak Dental."
    Joselynn Hoyos-Mottler - January 2023
  • "NEW
    Had 2 root canals done there staff and doctor were amazing very friendly. I even fell asleep in the chair, and I hate going to the dentist but staff made it really easy."
    Big Gulp (JOEY) - January 2023
  • "Good job well done
    1st appointment everyone friendly and welcoming"
    Lonny & Norma La Sand - January 2023
  • "Peak Dental is an awesome place, all the staff there are very welcoming and friendly. I definitely recommend coming here."
    Bill - January 2023
  • "Great experience. Super nice staff"
    Stuart Pena - January 2023
  • "Today, I had extractions done by Dr Liu. He is spectacular. I highly recommend him. He took the time to explain everything in a calming and humorous way. You can tell he really likes what he does and the way the staff act reinforces that thought. Everyone is so nice and happy. He is definitely one of the best! So far, so good with my extractions. Hopefully, everything goes well. Thank you, Dr Liu. You really made this experience less scary."
    Catherine M. - December 2022
  • "They were absolutely amazing from the staff at the front desk to Victor and of course the doctor that did my root canal. Honestly, the root canal didn't hurt at all. The worst part was the numbing process because of the needle and the annoying thing that they hold your mouth open with, but the actual root canal did not hurt. . Everyone is so nice here."
    Nell S.
  • "Everyone in the office is so welcoming and kind. Dr. Sam Liu's skills are impeccable; him and his assistant Jess made me feel so comfortable for my wisdom teeth extraction process and made it seem so easy. Dr. Mariam, Dr. Reema and Dr. Yara Arnouk are also very skilled and talented in their craft. I couldn't have asked for better doctors to operate on me."
    Noor D. - December 2022
  • "Quick and easy wisdom tooth removal! The office got me in the day after I called for a consultation and were able to schedule me that week for wisdom tooth extraction. The doctors were very information about the cost and logistics of the procedure during the consultation and during the procedure. The assistants were very comforting and Jessica let me hold her hand during the injection part. I was very anxious going into the procedure but the helpful staff and nitrous oxide made the whole thing less nerve wrecking. 10/10 recommend going to this office!"
    Emily D. - December 2022
  • "Excellent service and kind staff. If I could give 10 stars, I would!"
    Samantha G. - November 2022
  • "My teenage son is in the Autism spectrum and needed a root canal. They are very professional and efficient. The endo dentist did a fantastic job with a big smile. I am very grateful for all the wonderful job they did!!"
    Alondra S. - September 2022
  • "Alejandra is the best! Great service, great doctors, great everything!"
    Alanah E. - September 2022
  • "I visited the office on July 22 on a recommendation. I really enjoyed the extra care given by the front desk staff, Viria walked me through the paperwork and got the process started. The office was very clean and Dr Liu did specialty work for me. After this visit I'm more than confidante if I need to return to the office if I need further assistance."
    Adrian G. - September 2022
  • "Fantastic service! Very informative and kind staff and Dr Khal was absolutely amazing."
    Allison G. - September 2022
  • "Wonderful friendly staff!"
    Taylor F. - September 2022
  • "Dr was very good, he did a huge root canal great job"
    Brian C. - September 2022
  • "I just got two root canals done, and I have to say that was the best dental experience I’ve ever had, from Sydney in the front office, to Bonnie the assistant, to Dr. Rabie with his gentle approach, great sense of humor, and magical singing voice. I previously had an awful dental experience that created a phobia for me, but they really helped me get over it and ensured I did not feel any pain. I’m not dreading root canal #3 next week! I’d recommend this place without any hesitation."
    Leila Al-M. - September 2022
  • "Amazing staff!! I was very scared before coming but the experience was very calming and quick! Thank you Dr. Ronnie and Bonnie (sorry if I got your names wrong)!"
    Deja D. - August 2022
  • "Dr Liu is one of the best oral surgeons ever! I was unable to be sedated due to other medical reasons and have always been a very nervous dental patient. But Dr. Lui is so gentle and so thorough about explaining everything before that I was totally at ease when he removed my whole top row of teeth and a couple from the bottom. It was two sessions. But he made me very much at ease the whole time. Thank you Dr. Lui. Now I have a great 😃 😁 with my new teeth! I would recommend this place to everyone!"
    Michelle T. - August 2022
  • "Dr. Ronnie and the dental assistant, Bonnie, did such an amazing job during my root canal procedure! They made me feel real comfortable during the experience! Extremely professional, great vibes, and Dr. Ronnie has such a humorous personality. Give Peak Dental a try 😎🙌"
    Emmanuel W. - June 2022
  • "My visit here was great, the teamwork of the specialist here was spot on. They kept me informed every step of the way. They were very mindful of my condition during a very difficult procedure in my opinion. Double extraction double bone graft of wisdom bottom teeth at 38 years old. Very successful procedure... The care demonstrated while I was on the chair I would call world class to say the least. I did this procedure without being put down to sleep. I'm sure it made it more difficult for Doctor Liu, however, he knew how to deal with it. Should I ever have a difficult dental medical emergency, I will refer and consult with this team without any second thought."
    Erick C. - June 2022
  • "Highly recommend this place! Had a root canal scheduled for today, I had no clue what that was so I didn't know what to expect. Upon arrival I was greeted by the friendly professional staff was checked in and quickly taken to the room for my visit. Dr. Rabie worked with me along with his assistants and made the process go very smoothly. Continually making sure I was comfortable during the process. Dr. Rabie informed me the crown might break under the pressure and he couldn't promise it would be intact afterward due to the nature of my case. Well, he skillfully drilled through and kept my crown intact and before I knew it the procedure was over. Very grateful I found this place!"
    Victor P. - May 2022
  • "Great office. Super clean. Everyone is really nice and welcoming. Alejandra helped me with my payment plan and was able to schedule my daughter right away."
    Nancy R. - April 2022
  • "My office referred me to this location regarding my wisdom teeth extractions. Went in for consultation and got my appointment soon after. Alejandra at the front was very helpful and explained everything in detail. Everyone at the office is extremely nice! Dr Liu was professional and my procedure went smooth! Will definitely be telling my family members about this office!"
    Gilbert N. - April 2022
  • "Dr. Rabie and staff were great. Everyone was very helpful and friendly.!!!!!! I highly recommend"
    Beatrize R. - April 2022
  • "Wonderful doctor. I had a tooth extraction today and I didn't feel any pain after. I highly recommend this dental specialist. Staff was nice and answered all my questions."
    Michelle M. - April 2022
  • "Although I felt completely anxious prior to my procedure, I surprisingly enjoyed the experience at this dental office with the amazing staff and incredible music played during my root canal. Everyone made feel very comfortable, often checking in with me to see if there was anything I needed. The doctor made sure he did a thorough job and his calm demeanor allowed me to relax. A warm experience with many caring people who truly care about your well-being. As a person with extensive medical needs and tons of experience with many medical providers and procedures, I am highly recommending this office to friends, family, and strangers alike. The immediate relief that set in afterward after months of discomfort and fear makes them a 10 star ⭐️ review. I rarely write reviews either, but felt it necessary to share this experience with anyone doing their research. They were also very prompt with the insurance process as well. I will definitely come back in the future if needed."
    Leslie M. - April 2022
  • "Honestly such a great experience. Everyone is so friendly and puts you at ease. It was practically painless. Highly recommend their services!"
    Shantel P. - April 2022
  • "Amazing group of people, I got my braces off today and my teeth look perfect! Very kind people, great for kids. Bonnie and the group helped me a lot and answered all of my questions and concerns!"
    Giovanni M. - April 2022
  • "All I can say is Wow! I'm super impressed! Firstly, get your wisdom teeth pulled at an early age and don't wait until the pain sets in and it becomes a problem like I did after 40. My wisdom tooth was a special case that no oral surgeon wanted to touch. It was impacted and could have caused a broken jaw and the loss of all nerve sensation in the mouth and facial regions, but Dr. Liu was not afraid to tackle the task. I had three total wisdom teeth that needed pulling. This Doctor is a true magician, an actual Samurai in the business of pulling wisdom teeth. I'm so pleased with the outcome!!! In less than an hour, he had pulled all three teeth without breaking the jaw bone, without damaging the nerve (which was literally right there), and I recovered in no time with all the feeling returning back to my mouth and face. What a relief!!! Thank you So Much Dr Liu!!! And a special thanks to the pleasant staff and your singing sidekick who put me at ease during this intense process!"
    Red O. - March 2022
  • "Best place very straight forward & friendly nurses the Doctor was amazing no complications with my wisdom teeth removals."
    Heaven S. - March 2022
  • "Let me just start off by saying how pleased I am with this Dental office! My 12yr old son went in for a tooth extraction, and in my opinion somewhat of a complicated procedure just because of where the tooth was located...Of course as a mother there's always concerns but Dr. Liu made all those feelings fade away with his confidence and uplifting humor! I sat and watch the entire procedure, which Dr. Liu performed so effortlessly. He was accompanied by to other assistants ,not sure their titles but they also were very professional and made us feel very comfortable! This was one of the best experiences I've had with a dental office, I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs any kind of oral services! Thanks again Peak Dental"
    Stephanie C. - March 2022
  • "They did a great job no pain was felt."
    Gabriela Gallegos - March 2022
  • "Jackie and Bree are amazing! They helped me with my paper work and guided me through my payment options and broke everything down for me. It wasn’t just a sign here, here, and here type deal. They are transparent which I appreciate. I like how everything is in one building. I was able to see the gum specialist Dr.Hosn. He explained before hand the work he would be performing and did an excellent job!"
    Erica Castrellon - March 2022
  • "I had a root canal done here and I was in and out in no time. the front staff was so helpful in helping me schedule my appointment. the Doctor and all the staff were so nice and informative. I recommend this office to anyone in need."
    Cesar Verdugo - March 2022
  • "My daughter had to have a tooth exposed and bonded for her orthodontic treatment. Another dental office recommended Peak Dental and we are definitely glad they did. From the wonderful receptionist at the front desk to the X-ray techs, everyone was very pleasant and helpful. The day of the procedure Dr. Lui was the best with my 11 year old. He explained how everything would work, made sure all our questions were answered and took the time to announce his every step during the procedure, per my daughter’s request (she is that patient!). The entire team made sure she was always comfortable and was done in record time. We were in and out in less than an hour and my daughter walked out smiling! I would highly recommend Dr. Lui and the team at Peak Dental Specialist to anyone in need of specialty services."
    Jessica Gonsales - March 2022
  • "Very friendly and professional. Dr. Meena was wonderful and explained everything so clearly. Sydney at the front desk was so helpful."
    Deemariee - March 2022
  • "They are awesome the doctor gave me all my breakdown of everything that was going to be done that day and made me feel very comfortable thank you Jessica and Bonnie and all the staff for everything they do and for making all your patients feel very comfortable."
    Antonio Saenz - March 2022
  • "Dr. Lee is an absolute professional! He explained all my procedures simply and thoroughly. He’s also extremely approachable. I highly recommend him!"
    Colby Chan - March 2022
  • "I was referred to Peak Dental specialist and saw dr Dr. Hosn and had a couple implants done. He is the best periodontist I felt nothing during the whole procedure. He went over everything in detail with me and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Sydney and Alejandra at the front office are so welcoming, they answered all of my insurance questions and are so great at texting and calling to confirm all of my appointments. Dr. Hosn’s assistants Raquel and abner and Bonnie put my mind at ease and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. This surgery changed my whole bite I am so glad I had it done and found the best office to refer all of my friends and family too."
    Jany Moussa - March 2022
  • "Dr. Rabie was very professional and makes the appointment go by quickly he makes me laugh. He is very good at what he does and loves his patients and dentistry. I also had my implants done here. Great and professional facility and specialists . I recommend it to all."
    Rana Bashier - March 2022
  • "I’m always so glad I decided to start my braces journey here at Peak Dental. For the longest time i’ve always wanted/needed braces and this place truly was a dream come true. I’ve been coming here for about a year and a half and I always feel that my health and well-being is being prioritized by all staff. Whether i’ve broken a bracket or needed more supplies, my orthodontist is always quick to help and consistently walks me through the process of each stage of my braces journey. I also really appreciate how friendly and flexible the receptionists of this office are, no matter what comes up in my schedule, they’re always quick to get back to me to sort it out hassle free. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants a lovely dental experience!"
    Seb B. - March 2022
  • "My experience at Peak Dental was amazing. Dr. was wonderful and her assistant Alejandra explained my treatment plan in detailed. I was so scare to have my teeth pulled but Dr. Liu explained the procedure and was so good. I didn’t panic at all. Procedure went very smooth."
    Emma Rodriguez - March 2022
  • "Dr. Hosn has been a great, he has changed my way of being able to eat and smile again."
    Dianna - February 2022
  • "The staff was friendly!! Even before stepping foot into the office, I was unsure what floor the suite was on I called in and was assisted quickly. The team was professional and made sure I was aware of my wisdom tooth extraction procedure the consent forms were signed I was taken in and the procedure was performed I was numbed quickly the oral surgeon was funny and made small talk to keep me distracted he had a sense of humor and kept saying don’t tighten your eyes that causes wrinkles. I Was in and out in less than 30 min. The front desk girls were nice and went over the care for my wounds the dude Andrew provided me with the QR scan code to leave a review. It was a pleasure to get my dental work done at this office."
    Mark - February 2022
  • "Wonderful people and did amazing work!"
    Matthew - February 2022
  • "I'm the type of person who's scared to go to the Dentist, for the simple fact of getting injected. However, the doctor, Rabie, and his dental assistant, Abner, made the experience fun, enjoyable, and relaxing. They're extremely funny together, made me laugh, and I forgot to be scared. And better yet, I didn't even feel when I got the shot. They put music to distract me and overall, if I ever do need to come back for a root canal, I won't be scared next time. So I thank them from the bottom of my heart, and recommend 100%!"
    Vanessa - February 2022

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